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AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015

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AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for this year's epic event.  If you'd like information about the 2015 Hoh Rainforest Ride, please email so we can update you on the latest news for next year's events and put you on the list.

Stunning evergreen forests, epic views and awesome riding are just part of what’s in store for AltRider’s Hoh Rainforest Ride 2014. Experience all new routes in the beautiful Olympic National Forest in Washington State on August 22-24, 2014.  

This exciting 3-day event kicks off Friday at our campsite with a delicious dinner prepared by Mary from the Skokomish Tribe. This year’s ride features a new campground, nestled under the Olympic Mountains right next to gorgeous Lake Cushman. The campfire will be burning bright and we’ll crack open a keg of Manny’s with anticipation for the riding adventure coming the next day.

Saturday - Eat a hearty breakfast and break into groups based on skill level for a staggered GPS-led ride. After a riders meeting and brief training seminar, head out onto your adventure ride through diverse terrain amongst the stunning forests, bridges across vista’s and lakes, twisty dirt road and gravel roads. This year’s event will feature entirely new routes put together by route guide David McKay from GripTwister Tours. Halfway through the Saturday ride, we’ll stop for a scrumptious lunch at a scenic picnic point. We’ll discuss challenges along the route and techniques that helped. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro’s and cameras—this is a perfect opportunity to take shots along the gorgeous route. Come back from your epic day of riding to a big dinner back at the campsite, albeit with new friends and fond memories. We’ll have a special prize ceremony with awesome prizes from sponsors and enjoy a cold brew, share some laughs, and you’ll plop into your tent under the stars perfectly content from your rugged adventure. 

Sunday - Wake up to another delicious breakfast at the campsite and get ready for another half day route for the way home. For those who need a little more dirt therapy before heading home, this route offers some of the best terrain the Olympic Peninsula has to offer, while still taking you back to Highway 101. 

The $175 registration includes:

1 Day Course + Hoh Rainforest Ride Ticket ($95 for course + $175 for regular event = $270 for entire weekend) 

The Skills Primer 101 course with PSSOR will be conducted on Friday August 22. This full day of instruction focuses on the fundamental skills needed to ride large adventure bikes and dual-sports off-road in a controlled fashion. The skills learned help reduce or eliminate off-road falls, provide you with a better understanding  and  control of traction, and even give lessons on how to pick up your bike using leverage lifts (just in case).
Focuses of the class will include:
  • Proper off-road posture (sitting and standing)
  • Using “gray zone” to manage traction on hills and loose surfaces
  • Introduction to using body weight to reduce riding effort
This class is perfect for riders that have never had formal off-road training or are looking to review and polish skills before the main ride begins.

AltRider believes that every rider should experience the thrill of off-road riding which is why we organize adventure rides throughout the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned ADV veteran or just picked up your first bike, there’s something for everyone at AltRider adventure rides. We encourage everyone to get out and ride, even if just for the weekend. Click the links below for details on other upcoming AltRider events. 

Sponsors for Hoh Rainforest Ride 2014:




AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Feature
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Feature
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Feature
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Action Shot
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Action Shot
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Action Shot
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Installed
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Additional Photos
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Product Contents
AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015 - Product Contents


AltRider's Hoh Rainforest Ride 2015

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