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Meet the newest member of the AltRider team

Jan 27, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

On January 11, 2009, I wrote the following:

“Hi. I’m Christina Olson, and I’m early for my appointment.”

That’s how my interview with the AltRider company began: early, and interrupting a discussion between Brianna, Don, and Jacob about how best to show off new AltRider products. I was nervous, but they introduced themselves and offered me a mug of coffee to relax. Then, Brianna and I headed back to meet Jeremy in the conference room to begin The Interview.

We went over the usual. “What are your strengths?” “What are some difficult situations you’ve encountered in the past?” “Can you show us your portfolio?” But as we talked, an interesting thing happened. Little by little, Brianna and Jeremy let some of their enthusiasm for AltRider slip out, and soon they were talking about the community that exists among riders. Jeremy outlined how a documentary sparked a passion for many, and Brianna smiled as she suggested that female riders might want a little more out of their experience than pink gear and accessories. I felt myself getting caught up in their vision and excitement. Yes: me, with my klutziness, my near-sightedness, and my utter lack of riding experience.

I don’t know what that excitement means. That I’d be a good fit for AltRider? I hope so. That I have an adventuress hiding inside my school marm exterior? Maybe. One thing is certain: everyone I met in this company was passionate about what they do and had high hopes for the future. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll succeed, and I hope I get to be there when it happens.

Looks like the answer is YES, I will get to be there!

I’m the new marketing coordinator for the AltRider team, so you’ll be seeing me at events and hearing from me on the website and in our monthly newsletter.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!