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Tahuya Dampalooza

WHERE // Belfair, WA, United States
WHEN // Fri, Apr 6


Reverend Bill’s Tahuya Dampalooza!     April 6-8

It’s Spring! 

It’s been wet!

It’s time to practice/learn your off-pavement skills!

The first weekend in April, the Tahuya State Forest will be the perfect venue for an early season campout and training weekend.

We’ll camp two nights at Belfair State Park, ( and ride the gravel roads, dual-track and single track trails of Tahuya State Forest.  Tahuya is known for some nice trail riding, mostly easy and moderate level trails, and soil/rocks that are manageable when wet.  Unlike clay type soils that turn to mud when wet, Tahuya is known to be decent when soaked.  We should expect lots of long wet puddles and water crossings.  Multiple changes of socks are a must. This is more of an organized camp-out, rather than a led ride.  We’ll figure out the riding when we get there.

Hopefully we’ll have a range of riders to guide, teach and lead on these trails.  We’ll have a chance to spend some time on the pegs, get in a rhythm and stay relaxed.

Some of us will be headed down to Belfair State Park Friday morning, and it’s close enough to head down from Seattle Friday after work.  Saturday night plan to kick in and help put together a seafood feast.

If you’re interested in joining us, let me know for space and portion planning.  Bring some firewood, plenty of dry socks, and we’ll follow-up with Saturday night feast ideas.

You likely will need a Discover Pass to ride the Tahuya State Forest:



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