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Anchorage Prudhoe & back

WHERE // Anchorage, AK, United States
WHEN // Mon, Jun 22


A large part of the trip is through beautiful Alaska on paved highways with plenty of services along the way. The further north one gets beyond Fairbanks the more remote the terrain becomes.The last stretch from Cold Foot to Prudhoe (240 miles) has absolutely no services. This is the rigorous part of the trip that takes careful planning. A group approach is highly recommended. This trip is not for novice riders and requires mechanical expertise and fuel management skills. Prudhoe has gas and hotel but no mechanical (official that is) support.

MAYBE an arctic circle party is desirable???????

It is highly recommended that one do internet research on the "Dalton Highway". Many riders have documented their trips and have provided beautiful pictures.

There is no cost for travelers to join us, but of course please make your own adequate preparations! The companionship will be enjoyed. The departure is fixed, but travelers are welcome to make there own deviations if they like.

Feel free to text or call with questions.........Bill



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