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Here you can find and join rides that look like fun, or you can organize your own and invite others to come along.

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Taste of Dakar 2013

WHERE // Pahrump, NV, United States
WHEN // Fri, Feb 22



Get out into the gorgeous desert, experiencing all different terrains from dunes to dry sandbeds  with the beautiful mountains jutting into the aqua blue sky near Death Valley in Nevada. AltRider’s Taste of Dakar provides an epic adventure weekend in Pahrump, Nevada on February 22-24, 2013. This weekend includes epic GPS-led routes created by Dakar podium holder Jimmy Lewis (routes being in his hometown and training grounds for Dakar), all meals and alcoholic beverages, nightly entertainment, and seminars from trained professionals. Check out the Taste of Dakar 2012 video to get a better sense of what the event is like.

This year, you will have the option of attending Jimmy Lewis’s Off-Road Riding School for the regular  1 day class at a large discount on the Friday (February 22nd ) before the actual Taste of Dakar event starts OR the option of taking the  Adventure Rally Navigation 2-day class on the Sunday (February 24th AND 25th)after the it ends. This Adventure Rally Navigation class is a brand new class that Jimmy Lewis is using to teach professional riders AND experienced riders who want to learn more specifically on rally racing.  Info about these classes are at the bottom. Click on the Instructions tab of this page and download Adv Bike Rally Navigation Training Info for specific info on the 2 day course.

The $269 price (Taste of Dakar only) includes:

  • 2 nights of camping under the stars
  • Epic GPS led routes for every skill level in the beautiful off road routes near Death Valley created by Jimmy Lewis
  • 5 delicious catered southwestern meals
  • Beer and adult beverages provided for both nights
  • Awesome prize giveaways from our sponsors
  • Off-road teaching seminars from informative instructors

Check out the Ride Report from the crew at Motorcycle USA from the Taste of Dakar 2012 ride.

This epic 3 day event kicks off at the Lakeside Casino and RV park on Friday February, 22, setting up camp near the “beach” right off the lake. After you register, you’ll participate in games with awesome prizes before we have a delicious catered dinner right at the campsite. We will enjoy drinks on the lovely “beach” before we tuck in for the riding adventure the next day.

Saturday- Eat a hearty breakfast early morning and break into groups based on skill level for a staggered GPS-led ride. After a riders meeting and brief training seminar with Jimmy Lewis and Jeremy (the head honcho at AltRider), head out onto your adventure ride through diverse terrain. You’ll ride through dirty roads, dry cracked sandbeds, sand dunes, and through the desert brush with the stunning mountain views in the perfect western backdrop. Halfway through the Saturday ride, we’ll stop for a scrumptious southwestern lunch at a scenic viewpoint. We’ll discuss challenges along the route and techniques and answer any of your questions. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro’s (link) and cameras—this is a perfect opportunity to take shots along the gorgeous route. Ride the rest of the afternoon with your groups  and come back from your epic day to a big dinner back at the campsite, albeit with new friends and fond memories. We’ll have Jimmy Lewis and a few other Dakar celebrities share their haunting tales riding in Dakar. Enjoy a cold brew, share some laughs and you’ll plop into your tent under the desert stars perfectly content from your rugged adventure.

Sunday- Wake up to another delicious breakfast at the campsite and get ready for another half day route for the way home. For those who need more dirt therapy before heading home, take a look at Adventure Rally Navigation Course that starts on Sunday (after the event) until Monday. Details below.


Taste of Dakar + Regular 1 Day Friday Class (special price of $225 just for this event) -- Need an off-road refresher course? Maybe a full-on, "how do I do this dirt thing" class? JLR Off-Road will be conducting a one-day class just before the Alt Rider Taste of Dakar event specifically focused at the Adventure Riders and Bikes. "We're taking our best drills and skill improving techniques and delivering them in a single day format so riders can get the most out of their riding wekend," says Jimmy Lewis who personally teaches the classes with a host of exceptional instructors to make the training very personal.

Taste of Dakar + 2 day Sunday/Monday Adventure Rally Navigation Class (one-time offer for $475) -- Want to learn how Dakar riders navigate their way across the deserts in the world's hardest rally? Want to learn from one of the best? Dakar Podium finisher Jimmy Lewis (2000 Paris Dakar Cairo third place overall on a Factory BMW 900 RR) is introducing a Rally Navigation Class specifically designed for riders on large adventure touring machines. Learn the same skills and principals the racers use so you can better understand the rally events as well as using the format to lead and develop adventurous rides. This two-day class will include an overnight stop and have a chase truck to carry all your overnight supplies so you can ride light. (And yes you can camp under the stars if you want to make it as real as possible!).

Taste of Dakar + 1 Day Friday class + 2 day Sunday/Monday Adventure Rally Navigation Class ($969) – get a full blown adventure weekend by participating in not 1, not 2, but ALL 3 of the offerings of that weekend. That means from February 22- 25, you can train like a pro as if you were about to ride the actual Dakar!

Check out the Taste of Dakar 2012 video to see what you’re in store for this year.

For questions and inquiries, please contact

Mark it in your calendars-- This is something you won’t want to miss out on!