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AltRider: Venture On
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AltRider is a Seattle-based company in the USA designing & manufacturing accessories and gear for adventure touring motorcycles. We offer premium protection parts for the adventure bikes from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph and Yamaha. We also offer waterproof adventure luggage through the AltRider Hemisphere soft luggage line.

Being riders ourselves, the AltRider team expects performance and value from the products they use. Great care goes into every step of the AltRider creation process, from the initial concept to the finished piece.   Each AltRider protection part functions well, looks good on your bike, and can truly stand up to brutal riding conditions.

Adventure riding isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Along with manufacturing premium adventure accessories, we built a place for riders to join a community. Connect with other ADV enthusiasts through the Rider Locator, AltRider blog and AltRider signature rides.

Our goal is to give you the freedom of adventure -- by designing and manufacturing superior protection parts and soft luggage that are actually built for the ride. We look forward to being a part of your next adventure. 



AltRider takes extreme pride in everything we produce -- from the precision fit of the crash bars to the military grade stitching on the soft luggage. We're committed to bringing new innovations to adventure touring parts, designed with the rider in mind.

One-of-a-Kind Design
Each AltRider part is designed to maximize ease of installation and product integration.
What does that mean? Precision fit not only means fitting each protection piece well onto a bike but utilizing an entirely integrated design for functionality. Every AltRider product takes advantage of the strongest points of a frame while shielding the weakest, working seamlessly to create a comprehensive protection system.

AltRider orders include thorough instructions and video tips to insure proper installation. We also add a tube of resealable threadlocker, a valuable addition to your trail side tool kit.

Real Protection
Like you, we're real riders and understand what you and your bike needs.  The team develops the AltRider products through meticulous research and rigorous testing -- influencing how each AltRider part evolves. Real world testing yielded great insight on how bikes drop and where the damage happens -- there's a reason why the official BMW training school outfits their fleet with AltRider protection. Each AltRider product is made to exacting standards with a clean, high-end finish that will complement your machine.

100% Made in America
AltRider accessories are the real deal -- designed and manufactured in America. From start to finish, you'll see we have painstakingly poured over every detail for a perfect fit and function without cutting corners with our manufacturing methods. We can sustain the high quality of each of our products, thanks to the strong relationships with all of our suppliers.  

Rugged but Refined
From the shot peen satin finish of the crash bars to the anodized aluminum on the skid plates and luggage racks, AltRider protection parts feature some of the most high-end finishes on the market. Every AltRider part is designed to complement the lines of the OEM, fully integrating to the style of each bike.



AltRider motorcycle parts


Jeremy LeBreton

Jeremy LeBreton

Founder & President

From his early childhood in Chicago, Jeremy had an unexplainable passion for motorcycles. Before he could even walk, he was trying to ride every internal combustion engine he could get his hands on, from go carts to mini bikes. That didn't sit well with his mom who commanded him to "take that back where it came from." At age 12 he was finally successful at bringing home a dead 1979 Honda Express which he got from a neighbor in exchange for five lawn mowings. He fixed it up and became "the cool kid" who gets around town on a scooter (not like the other kids on pedal bikes), even when it snowed. His passion for motorcycles became his life.

At the age of 18 he rode across America and ended up settling in Seattle. While on a study trip in Europe, through a combination of luck, perseverance, hustling and networking, he finagled his way into working for Christian Wunner (a German BMW enthusiast who had ridden his R100RT around the world) and a one-month ride on a borrowed MZ 650 from Slovenia to France. He totaled more than 7,800 km and discovered Helge Pederson's "Ten Years on Two Wheels" R80GS in the BMW Museum in Munich. That sealed his desire for an adventure touring lifestyle. Upon his return to Seattle, Jeremy went to work for a metal worker, Andy Ide, who also raced off-road and was instrumental in the progression of Jeremy's off-road skills – ultimately turning him into one of the "fast guys."

Over several years Jeremy received "the greatest real world education" working for a number of companies and learning about fabrication, prototyping, and manufacturing. He met his last employer on a dirt trail in the Cascades, which led him to work for a motorcycle accessory outfitter for several years. Jeremy's passion for and knowledge of the adventure touring market has strengthened over the years, leading him to envision the AltRider brand.



Honda Africa Twin


Martin LeBreton


Martin moved from Chicago to Seattle to work at AltRider. He’s been working as a designer for over 10 years and working with marketing in one shape or form for most of that time. If he’s not deep in the middle of a photo shoot then he’s probably deep in a design project or spreadhseet He enjoys being a part of the tightly run ship that is AltRider and he wants to see the AltRider name in front of every adventure touring enthusiast.

Although Martin has been riding motorcycles for 20 years he doesn’t get out as often as he’d like lately. Since most of his experience has been with street bikes, he’s been working on his off-road skills.


R1200 GS

Dylan Krupa

Dylan Krupa


Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Dylan spent most of his time outdoors or playing sports. While he always wanted a dirt bike as a child, sports took priority. After graduating college, Dylan’s first job enabled him to finally buy his first bike. In no time, Dylan racked up the miles and the passion for motorcycles came to light. Shortly after riding his dad’s R1200GSA and Africa Twin, Dylan quickly had the itch to step up to an adventure bike. Dylan has since purchased his first adventure bike and has a long list of trips to take it on. When not on the riding, you can find Dylan outside camping, hunting, fishing, or wrenching on the bike.

Dylan came to Altrider because of quality, and American made products as well as the support of the rider community. Dylan wanted to be a part of a company that really had the “made by riders, for riders” mentality, and found that opportunity at AltRider.


 Dylan BIke


Jimmy Livengood

Jimmy Livengood


Walk into the AltRider office and you’ll find sketches scattered around the garage with Jimmy underneath a bike. Jimmy’s main duty at AltRider is everything product design – this includes concept sketches, CAD drawings, prototype production and evaluating all future revisions.

His education includes studying fine arts at Iowa State University focusing on “integrated studio arts” involving a combination of wood, ceramics, fiber forms and metals. Much of his post-college days were spent being an outdoor professional where he guided backpacking, canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing trips. Jimmy later utilized his artistic capability with a degree in industrial design, professionally constructing exhibit display and tradeshow booth structures in Seattle. His adventure experience combined with design acumen shows in the end product, always keeping in mind the outcome of gear performance in the field.

His undying passion for adventure is evident by his basement full of bicycles and enough outdoor equipment to last a zombie apocalypse. Jimmy is new to off-road riding and is currently contemplating sidecar rigs that would accommodate his 65 lb black lab/pit bull mutt.



F 800 GS

Bruce Nguyen


If you've called AltRider recently, chances are you've spoken to Bruce at least once. A rider since it was legal for him to be one, Bruce has always been interested in being on the other side of the counter and working in the motorcycle industry. He found that opportunity at AltRider. A jack of all trades, he's always ready to answer any and all questions about our parts, our policies, and everything else AltRider.

Born and raised in San Francisco, the infamous hills gave Bruce the ability to get addicted to the high-adrenaline pseudo-sport of going way too fast on his bicycle, scooter, skateboard, basically anything that he could find with wheels. As soon as he was old enough, he jumped at the opportunity to take the MSF course and get his motorcycle endorsement. He was by far the youngest person in the course (a ripe old age of 15) and the most enthusiastic, not to mention the most reckless. 9 years, 3 bikes, and a couple of spills later, he still rides every day and everywhere. While he has little experience off-road, every day he gets more interested in the Adventure riding lifestyle that AltRider embodies in every way. One day soon, he'll get his own adventure bike and see first-hand what the fuss is all about!



Meghan Dowdy

Bill Crossland


Behind the scenes of the motorcycle industry are guys like Bill, an engineer at AltRider. His duties at AltRider include researching the market, product design, and modeling new parts in CAD.

After a decade in the Marines, he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington. He’s worked for a few large Seattle companies in many roles such as project manager, operations manager and lead engineer. True to Seattle nature, he found his calling in coffee and has worked for an Italian cappuccino company.

After having ridden street bikes and competing in local competitions for many years, Bill takes it a bit easier now coaching softball for his 2 kids and enjoying time with his family.





Lyndell Jensen


Lyndell come to AltRider with more than 30 years of retail experience. Starting as a teenager slinging fish on Seattle’s waterfront, working my way up to managing several different brick & mortar retail establishments. After taking a few years off to take care of her mother, she came back into the work force with AltRider.

Ever since Lyndell bought her first car a, ‘66 Chevy Impala with a 327 Super Sport Engine, she’s found satisfaction in working on & fixing anything mechanical. After years of this being nothing but a hobby she’s finally found a job where she can use my customer service skills, and mechanical knowledge at the same time. 


Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

Nick Hatfield

Scott Albertson


You’ll find Scott amidst the shelves of inventory and boxes, managing the warehouse and handling all the shipping duties. From inspecting arriving parts for quality assurance to packing up all outgoing orders, he’s making sure every customer receives AltRider product in perfect condition.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Scott spent much of his time outdoors playing various sports and running astray in the forests. Wanting to give up the small town, Scott relocated to Seattle in 2000 working in operations and data management at an online comparison shopping engine. He enjoys afternoons at the Sounders games and watching every televised sport known to man.

Scott's first time on a motorcycle was on a trials bike in the alley behind AltRider Corporate. While he did crash, he's excited to get more saddle time on a real motorcycle.


Honda CBR 600 F41



Morgan Grody


Originally from the East Bay, Morgan always had a love for motorcycles. An alumnus of Cornish College of the Arts, Morgan only began riding motorcycles in 2016. Having to take time off work as a stuntman and audition capture technician due to a motorcycle collision on his first bike a 2015 Honda Shadow 750, he is very excited to be joining the AltRider team in Shipping.

Morgan can look at any AltRider part and know the best box for shipping!

2006 Yamaha FZ1