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Game Changing Designs

Dec 16, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

We took to the stunning Cascade Mountains to test out our protection parts for the new R 1200 GSW. Clad in AltRider Upper and Lower Crash Bars, Skid Plate, Luggage System and other accessories the new GS had no problem with whatever we could throw at it. Hill climbs, trail riding, and a few water crossings – the incredibly capable water-boxer handled each with ease. Check out the video for a look at AltRider’s full suite of accessories for the water-cooled R1200GS and a glimpse of the beautiful terrain just an hour away from our Seattle office.  


2 and counting...

guest // Oct 01, 2017
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guest // Dec 15, 2017
I am not an engineer, but I just purchased the crash bar reinforcement arms for my 2017 r1200gsa, and it occurred to me that an upgrade to strengthen the design is necessary, Please pass this along to your manufacturing/design people: The end of the reinforcement arm that bolts to the frame using your longer thru-bar needs a design adjustment. That end is flat and fits over - and covers - the steel frame tube which contains the thru-bar. The problem is that if the bike goes down, that end of the reinforcement arm is subject to slipping even slightly, and therefore possibly pushing/bending the thru-bar … which is a big problem if you ever need to remove the thru-bar. My idea: The end of your reinforcement arm that bolts to the frame needs a small lip of circular steel tubing (maybe 1/4” high, similar to a washer) welded to the flat face end of the reinforcement bar which is bolted with the thru-bolt so that the lip fits snugly inside of the steel frame tube. That way, (1) you substantially strengthen the support bar, (2) you truly differentiate your product from your competition and (3) if the bike ever goes down, the reinforcement arm could NEVER EVER push/slide/bend the thru bar, since the welded lip in conjunction with the thru-bar bolt would hold it firmly in place and totally avoid slipping. If you decide to implement this design to strengthen your crash bar reinforcement arms, please send me a set of the new bars in silver and I will return the old design to you ! I am so convinced this is a fabulous strengthening idea, I may go ahead and find a welder to do it for me anyway ! Hope you find this idea as great as I think it is ! Scott Langsner (tel: 702-491-7084 / email:

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