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Protecting against low quality knock offs

Mar 05, 2024 // The AltRider Story //

Recently AltRider has become a victim of low quality knock-offs. We take this threat very seriously, as it has damaging effects for both our customers and the company.

These knock-offs often look nearly the same as our products, but the quality and manufacturing is much lower. This can create confusion for our customers and can leave a customer thinking they have a genuine AltRider product, that is actually a low quality knock off.

As one of our many efforts to protect against our designs being stolen we are adding watermarks to our photographs.

What are the best ways to ensure you’re buying a genuine AltRider product? The easiest way is to purchase directly from AltRider at or Otherwise only purchase from reputable and authorized resellers, and when purchasing from Amazon look for products fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or sold by the official AltRider brand storefront.

Always avoid deals that seem to good to be true, because as most things in life, you get what you pay for. A low quality knock off will be difficult to install, won’t last long, and may even damage your bike.


362 and counting...

// Mar 08, 2024
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// Mar 08, 2024
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