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Protecting against low quality knock offs

Mar 05, 2024 // The AltRider Story //

Recently AltRider has become a victim of low quality knock-offs. We take this threat very seriously, as it has damaging effects for both our customers and the company. These knock-offs often look nearly the same as our products, but the quality and manufacturing is much lower. This can create confusion for ... MORE


Why should I consider Reinforcement bars for my BMW R 1250 or 1200?

Dec 04, 2023 // The AltRider Garage //

 The OEM crash bars, have a well-known weak spot. In fact, rather than fix the problem, BMW adds a rubber bumper to the weak spot. We’ve seen this countless times in parking lots, driveways and gas stations. A cracked cylinder heads on the boxer engine from a modest fall. The OEM ... MORE


Motorcycle Safety: Always Remember the risks Associated with Riding Motorcycles

Feb 08, 2023 // Trips on Two Wheels //

We were reminded of how critically important rider safety is when Mike Day reached out to us to tell us his story. Mike was riding the Virginia BDR and had a run in with a deer around a gravel filled corner when he hit a berm and went flying 227 ... MORE


Options to fit the AltRider Highway Pegs with the AltRider Africa Twin Crash Bars

May 10, 2022 // The AltRider Garage //

Placing the pegs behind the reinforcement bars (closer to the rider) will be too close for most people. So that leaves placing the pegs in front of the reinforcement bars (further from the rider), right before the bend. The challenge is the bars are slightly oblong right before the bend. In ... MORE


Africa Twin Crash Bar Bracket Modification

Oct 12, 2021 // The AltRider Garage //

There are many similarities between Africa Twin 1100 Standard & Adventure Sports models and a few differences. One noticeable difference that has impacted the design of AltRider parts is the differences is the additional cornering lights in the Adventure Sports As a result of the different headlights, the AltRider Headlight Guards ... MORE

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FAQ - Taste of Dakar 2020

Feb 19, 2020 // Trips on Two Wheels //

AltRider Taste of Dakar FAQ  Post comments below with any additional questions you may have about the event! Be sure to check back for additional updates! What’s the deal with the schedule? Great news guys- we’ve made the event longer! This means you can show up Thursday and ride all weekend long! Does ... MORE


Taste Of Dakar 2020 is live!

Jan 20, 2020 // Trips on Two Wheels //

  Taste of Dakar is back for 2020! April 16th-19th in Gold Point, NV This year's TOD will feature two days of riding with all new routes on Friday and new modified routes for Saturday with rides for every skill level from Beginner to Expert. We'll also be including points of interest with ... MORE


Taste Of Dakar 2020!

Jan 06, 2020 // Trips on Two Wheels //

AltRider's Taste of Dakar 2020 The rumors are true! Taste of Dakar is back for spring 2020!Now with two GPS-led ride days, more route options, expanded training clinics with on route training, and guest speakers from the Dakar Rally itself. Spend 3 days with us in Gold Point Nevada using your Adventure bike for ... MORE


DualControl Brake System from AltRider

Mar 07, 2019 // The AltRider Garage //

Improve safety & performance with faster braking response times.    The patent pending AltRider DualControl Brake System can reduce the time it takes for your to apply your brakes. Easy to install and easy on your wallet.  As you transition from sitting to standing positions your foot will naturally rise and fall as angle ... MORE


Why get reinforcement bars for your BMW R1200/R1250 GSW when you already have the OEM crash bars?

Jan 28, 2019 // The AltRider Garage //

The Problem As we've seen many more times than we'd have liked to, the BMW OEM lowers just aren't enough to keep your cylinder heads safe. The shape/design of the bars, with no support at the rear, leave them vulnerable to bending. BMW must know that their bars are prone to this ... MORE


#Tag & Win Rules

Nov 14, 2018 // The AltRider Story //

#Tag & Win $50 Contest   Win a $50 gift card every month! When you buy direct from AltRider we include stickers in every box we ship, slap ‘em on your bike or any other great spot and snap that picture. The more creative and interesting the photo, the more likely you ... MORE


Did You Know? An Analysis of the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Protection

Aug 03, 2018 // The AltRider Garage //

The exciting new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports model comes with bars and a skid plate, does it offer the protection I need for adventure? Honda states the bars are not “crash bars,” but instead are a “light bar.” Reviewing the hardware connecting the light bar to the bike you can ... MORE


#Fan Friday - Mark Corsetti

Apr 13, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our latest Fan Friday is Mark Corsetti from Spring, Texas and uses the handle AdvenchaB4Demencha Currently Mark is ridding a 2013 BMW R1200GSA & 2009 Suzuki VL800 Boulevard, gotta have a cruiser just for shits and giggles says Mark. Corsetti first became interested in the off road world when ... MORE


#FanFriday - Matt Kelley

Mar 29, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Matt Kelley of Ohio is this week’s Fan Friday – he’s been on motorcycles since the age of five! Motorcycles were a part of his family growing up Matt says, Not only has he raced motocross for about 25 years, he’s been involved just about every type of motorcycle in ... MORE


#Fan Friday - Robert Taylor

Mar 08, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Robert Taylor lives in our home town of Seattle Washington – we love our pacific northwest! Robert just bought a 2017 Tiger 800 XRt and hadn’t even had the bike for 2 months when a car cut him off, slammed into his bike and almost pushed him into a cement ... MORE


#FanFriday - Matthew Krysinski

Mar 02, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

This Fan Friday we have Matt Krysinski from Washington state. Matt and his girlfriend Susan often ride together and go on weekend get-a-ways when possible. Last season they rode 12k miles and usually go camping for the weekends or evening rides to just get away during the summers nights. Matt ... MORE


#Fan Friday - David Bock

Feb 22, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

This Fan Friday we’ve got David Bock from Littleton, CO and he’s been on a bike for about 10 or 11 years. Before he was serious about riding and when he was a kid his next door neighbor had a little YZ60 that he and friends would ride and rip ... MORE


#FanFriday - Josh Jones

Feb 16, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

This Fan Friday we have Josh Jones from Las Vegas, NV. Josh is a RawHyde Adventures coach, and avid adventurist. Around 2005 Josh heard the call of the motorcycle and decided it was time, he started with a street bike because his friends were street riders. He spent a lot ... MORE


Hard Work Finding Solutions for the S 1000XR Crash Bars

Feb 02, 2018 // The AltRider Garage //

DISCLAIMER:There have been a few documented reports of cosmetic alignment issues with this bar design. As reported, the potential interference is located at the upper front sections of the crash bar, near the bike’s left side headlights and right side fairings (see photographs for actual customer example). In a crash ... MORE


Want to Tour Europe? Explore360°

Jan 15, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

For our European friends, or those traveling to Europe, we are proud to partner with Explore360°. Explore360° is a Swedish travel agency that offers motorcycle tours "Off the beaten track and with a healthy dose of adventure”. They have amazing off-road packages in Iceland, Nepal, Morocco, Norway, Vietnam, Wales, Kenya ... MORE


Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug

Oct 03, 2017 // The AltRider Garage //

We worked with Dimple drain plug magnets to develop a low-profile replacement drain plug for the Yamaha Super Tenere and the Honda Africa Twin. On the Super Tenere in particular, the sump drain plug is very exposed and susceptible to damage. The OEM plug has a 15mm head height and hangs ... MORE


First Rider to Complete one of the Toughest Enduro Races on a BMW R1200GS Adventure

Aug 18, 2017 // The AltRider Story //

Tom Asher was the first to compete in the Tennessee Knockout, widely accepted as one of the hardest enduro races, riding a BMW R1200GS Adventure. Without a lot of time to plan, Tom threw some AltRider crash bars and a skid plate on his 1200 and gave it his best. ... MORE


#FanFriday - Frank Newman

May 05, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Frank’s gorgeous Africa Twin decked out - AltRider style. Photo: Frank Newman It’s the 5th of May and that means: Fan Friday! This week we talked to Frank Newman, 49, who you may know for his awesome Youtube videos (especially reviewing AltRider products). As an electronics engineer from Exeter, MO., Frank ... MORE


#FanFriday - Wil Stillens

Apr 28, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Pretty GS! Photo: Wil Stillens  This Fan Friday we talk to Wil Stillens, 41, out of Riverside, California. Wil is a manufacturing engineer that specializes in 3D modeling, prototyping and manufacturing, as he makes tools, fixtures and a vast array of complex objects including medical devices, electric motors, fruit packaging equipment ... MORE


#FanFriday - James Mellinger

Apr 21, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

The Tiger 800 makes a perfect camping companion. Photo: James Mellinger It’s riding season! Happy Fan Friday to all. This week we sat down with good AltRider friend and fellow Seattle resident James Mellinger, 26. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, James spent his college years in the city while attending ... MORE


#FanFriday - Zachary Hoglund

Apr 14, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Mount Rainer makes a nice backdrop for Zachary’s BMW R 1200 GS   For this week’s Fan Friday we sat down with Zachary Hoglund, 28, out of Bozeman, MT. After a seven year stint in the Navy, he was drawn to the place mainly for the climate and excellent adventure riding. Since ... MORE


#FanFriday - Nicolas Solberg

Apr 07, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Out there on the Triumph Tiger 800. Photo: Nicolas Solberg Friday is our day to celebrate our fans, and they never seem to disappoint. This week we talked with Nicolas Solberg, 51, of Northern California. Originally from Bigfork, Montana, Nicolas now works as a web developer and visual designer for the State ... MORE


#FanFriday - Brad Hunter

Mar 31, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Photo Courtesy: Brad Hunter Spring is here and for much of the country it’s time to wheel the bikes out of the garage and get riding. But for Brad Hunter, 33, of Los Angeles, the riding season is truly all year round. Brad started riding bikes in his 20’s, and has ... MORE


#FanFriday - Jesse Kimball

Mar 24, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Another Friday means another epic weekend of riding is almost upon us, as well as another featured AltRider fan! This week we talked with 40-year old general contractor and inventor, Jesse Kimball, from Temecula, California. With twenty-four years of riding experience under his belt, he also organizes the Flying Monkey ... MORE


#FanFriday - Paul Persinger

Mar 17, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

  For this week's Fan Friday we talked with Paul Persinger, age 56, of Gardnerville, Nevada. Formerly a bush pilot in Alaska, Paul is an airline pilot for Virgin America throughout the U.S. and Mexico and has been riding since the age of 12. He loves to fly and loves to ... MORE


Tamara Wilson: A Disney Engineer's Perspective on Quality Motorcycle Protection

Mar 15, 2017 // Lady Riders //

By Tamara Raye Wilson Tamara riding on her Triumph Scrambler. Photo Courtesy: Yve Assad To begin with, I am from everywhere… which is why I love to go anywhere! I grew up in Phoenix, Chicago and all over Southern California- all places with vastly different cultures and ways of life. I loved ... MORE


#FanFriday - Brad Barker

Mar 10, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Back in the Saddle Again. Photo Courtesy: Brad Barker To kickoff the final Friday before our annual Taste of Dakar, we sat down with long time AltRider buddy and moto celebrity Brad Barker, to discuss some of the reasons he first got into the ADV scene and what he’s learned while ... MORE


#FanFriday - Steve Shaffstall

Mar 03, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Steve and a fellow Terra Enthusiast talking all things Husky at Hells Kitchen off Ortega Highway. Photo Courtesy: Steve Shaffstall   As the weekend rolls up, riders are beginning to dust off their bikes for the March riding season. This Friday we sat down with AltRider fan Steven Shaffstall, 63, to talk ... MORE


AltRiding Tips: Tackling Logs, Boulders, Hillsides and Cliffs

Mar 01, 2017 // Tips for Adventure Riding //

Your 500 pound adventure bike isn’t a ballerina, so learning how to handle the big girl in certain riding situations will save you energy and ultimately lead to a more enjoyable two-wheel experience. From our archives of doing things the hard way, here are three tips to remember when you ... MORE


#FanFriday - John Mrakovcich

Feb 24, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

John and his son Dom outside of Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. Photo: John Mrakovcich Another Friday means another epic weekend of riding is almost upon us, as well as another featured AltRider fan! This week we talked with John Mrakovcich, 53, from Connecticut. John’s been riding for forty years, ... MORE


#FanFriday - Matt Murray

Feb 17, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Murray’s latest ride is decked out with AltRider scrambler essentials. Live long and ride on. Photo: Matt Murray   Whether the adventure takes you onto the back roads or into the urban jungle, the new era of retro scramblers has you covered. This week we sat down with Matt Murray, 39, originally ... MORE


#FanFriday - Leslie Sofarelli

Feb 10, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Sofarelli’s F 800 GS is ready for the next great adventure. Photo: Leslie Sofarelli   Our latest Fan Friday rider, Leslie Sofarelli, is a true motorcycle fanatic. Originally from Long Island, New York, Leslie headed north to British Columbia in 1998 before returning to New York in 2015. She’s been riding since ... MORE


#FanFriday - Brett Mullins

Feb 03, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Friday is our day to celebrate fans, and this week we talked to 37 year-old Brett Mullins from Greensboro, Georgia, who has been riding since he was 15 years old. Mullins is an equal-opportunity rider in every sense of the word, owning everything from his newest adventure bike to a ... MORE


Speaking Out Against Proposed EU Motorcycle Tariff

Feb 01, 2017 // The AltRider Story //

If you haven’t already heard, there is a proposal currently being debated to make small displacement European motorcycles substantially more expensive here in the U.S. We at AltRider believe this will be harmful to the American motorcycle industry, especially hampering the growth of our sport amongst young dirt bike riders ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Robert Okrie

Jan 27, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Okrie having some fun on his BMW HP2 in Astoria, Oregon. Photo: Tim Burke Photography   For this week’s Fan Friday we sat down with Robert Okrie, out of AltRider’s hometown of Seattle, Washington. A motorcyclist for most of his 61 years, he now rides daily for his work commute and escapes ... MORE


#FanFriday - Westen Rogers

Jan 20, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Rogers taking a tour of Titus Canyon on his R 1200 GSW Adventure Photo: Westen Rogers Time for another FanFriday! This week we talked to AltRider fan Westen Rogers of Santa Rosa, California. Westin’s been riding for over 20 years, since the ripe old age of eight. He currently owns a 2015 ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Connie Topliff

Jan 06, 2017 // Trips on Two Wheels //

We have the best customers! New ADV rider Connie Topliff is this week's FanFriday! Thank you for choosing Altrider, Connie! We know you will find new roads and new adventures in 2017! Here's what Connie had to say: ----- I first discovered Altrider when I was looking for aftermarket parts for my ... MORE


VIDEO: Off Road and Sand Riding Impressions of Honda Africa Twin (Product Review)

Jan 05, 2017 // AltRider Videos //

A while back, one of our fans asked us how the Africa Twin performs in the sand. While we had already done extensive testing and riding on this motorcycle throughout the Pacific Northwest, we hadn't specifically tested the bike in sand. So we geared up and headed out to our ... MORE


5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas Under $100

Dec 14, 2016 // The AltRider Story //

The holidays are upon us, but it's not too late to give the gift of AltRider this year! Here are 5 easy gifts under $100 for the motorcyclist in your life, or to add to your own wish list! Side Stand Enlargers Parking your bike in loose dirt, mud, gravel and sand ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Peter Edmonds

Dec 09, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured fan this week is Pacific Northwest native Peter Edmonds. Check out what Peter had to say below: ---------- In searching for the most functional, thoughtfully designed, and handsome crash bars, I stumbled across reviews of AltRider bars and they emerged as the best possible option for my bike.   First, I like ... MORE


AltRider Makes a Pre-Holiday Trip Down South

Dec 07, 2016 // The AltRider Story //

AltRider President Jeremy LeBreton recently traveled down south to Southern California for a pre-holiday visit! Jeremy stopped by Long Beach BMW Motorcycles to lend support for their annual Customer Appreciation Breakfast. Long Beach BMW is one of the top BMW dealers in the nation, and along with selling a ton ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Scott Madson

Dec 02, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

This week's featured fan is Scott Madson from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Here's what Scott had to say: "I first learned about AltRider after seeing their crash bars installed on my friend Harry's '14 Yamaha Super Tenere. I really liked the shape, construction and simple installation of the bars. There was no ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Sal Galib

Nov 18, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured fan this week is Sal Galib from Oakland. Thanks for sharing your story with us Sal, venture on! ---------- "After I purchased my Yamaha Super Tenere, I was considering Touratech products since I had great experience with them on my BMW. While doing some diligent internet searches for alternative products, ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Pedro Alpiarca

Nov 11, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured fan for this week is Pedro Alpiarca from Portugal. Thanks for sharing your AltRider story, Pedro! ----------- I had my first contact with Altrider in a motorcycle exhibition called Expo Moto in my hometown Lisbon, Portugal. I found the In-Parts stand as an excellent show room with a big trail ... MORE


VIDEO: An Inside Look at AltRider Skid Plate for the Honda Africa Twin

Nov 10, 2016 // AltRider Videos //

Our next video is here! In this video we dive in and take an in depth look at the design and development of the AltRider Skid Plate for the Honda Africa Twin. A Skid Plate is one of the most essential upgrades you can make, especially if you intend to play ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Corinne Hall

Nov 04, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured fan of the week is Corinne Hall! Corinne recently joined AltRider ambassador Tamaray Raye at Babes Ride Out aboard their AltRider equipped Triumphs. "I first heard of Altrider through a friend when they were doing a promotion, offering items to female riders for Babes Ride Out. I chose the headlamp cover and ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Jason Binder

Oct 28, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

This week's featured fan is Jason Binder! Here's what Jason said about his motorcycling journeys with AltRider. "Through searching the various forums on which is the best crash protection for the Tiger 800, I found AltRider. I am rocking your skid plate and crash bars. Both of which saved my bacon ... MORE


Babes Ride Out 2016

Oct 26, 2016 // Lady Riders //

Looking to expand on our Modern Classics line of off-road accessories, Altrider reached out to a group of influential women in the Triumph community who happened to be attending the 4th annual Babes Ride Out event in Joshua Tree, CA on October 20-23. This four day event is put on ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Daryl Morse

Oct 14, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

We're excited to present this week's featured fan, Daryl Morse. Check out what Daryl had to say about AltRider and his rides around the country below. ------- I first heard about AltRider when they posted about launching the company on ADVrider. I like that AltRider is not only a US company, but ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Mike Freitas

Oct 07, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured fan this week is Mike Freitas, from Southern California. Check out what Mike had to say about AltRider below: -------- I first learned about Altrider after doing much research on the BMW forums and internet searches.  Almost every review was positive, probably the only less than positive reviews were from ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Louise Coleen Powers

Sep 30, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Today's Featured #AltRider Fan is Louise Coleen Powers. ---------- I first learned about AltRider parts when I saw them on someone's bike, and made the comment that I thought they looked beefy. Then it seemed that once I learned about the company, I saw it everywhere. I love that the products are ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Mike Harley

Sep 23, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Meet our featured fan of this week, Mike Harley! --- I first learned about AltRider while prepping my bike for a trip from Neah Bay, Washington, (the farthest west point of the 48 states, and the highest latitude), to Nogales, Mexico,all on dirt or backroads. We called the trip LFWD, after the ... MORE


Care and Feeding of your AltRider Clear Polycarbonate Headlight Guard

Sep 23, 2016 // The AltRider Garage //

The AltRider headlight guards provide strong protection against stones, bugs, and all kinds of road debris. But over time things get dirty and you want to be able to use all of the light your headlamps are putting out.  Time to clean that headlamp guard! We chose polycarbonate material because of ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Kevin Hagerty

Sep 16, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our AltRider Featured Fan is no stranger to the world of adventure motorcycling. Read what Kevin Hagerty, managing partner of MotoQuest had to say about his AltRider experience. --- "I believe I first became aware of Alt Rider at a BMW MOA Rally several years ago. I think it was in Johnson ... MORE


Game Changing SYNCH Dry Bags 2.0

Sep 14, 2016 // The AltRider Garage //

Our newly refreshed SYNCH Dry Bags have just arrived! This popular product line includes three sizes to let you smartly pack your ADV bike: 14L (perfect pannier topper), 25L (perfect weekend trip) and 38L (full duffel). Available in black and white color schemes, these new and improved SYNCH Dry Bags ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Chris Roher

Sep 09, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our AltRider #FanFriday for this week is Chris Roher. Check out his story below and if you want to be featured, email Marcie at ----- I first heard about AltRider in the spring of 2014 when leading an adventure ride on a 2014 BMWR1200GS bike from our shop: Velocity Cycles in ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Jed Duncan

Sep 02, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our Featured AltRider Fan this week is Jed Duncan, a riding coach and trainer from Minnesota. He says he first saw AltRider products at the 2014 BMW MOA rally in Minnesota. He likes that AltRider is innovative and Made in the USA. According to Jed: "The dual control brake pedal is ... MORE


An Inside Look: AltRider Crash Bars for the Honda Africa Twin

Aug 30, 2016 // AltRider Videos //

Take an inside look at AltRider Crash Bars for the new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin. This off-road oriented adventure motorcycle is ready to tackle trails, tour the world or escape for a weekend of moto camping, but no ADV bike is complete without a set of crash bars to protect ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Glen Comeaux

Aug 26, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our Featured AltRider Fan for today is Glen Comeaux. Glen says he became acquainted with @AltRider because he is also from the greater Seattle area and "AltRider is well known in the ADV market and are extremely supportive of our PNW Tenere Owners Group." Glen adds that he likes #AltRider because "(They ... MORE


Scrambler Accessories Featured on ADVMoto

Aug 22, 2016 // AltRider in the Media //

Our friends at ADVMoto have posted a feature on our line of accessories for the Ducati Scrambler and Triumph Modern Classics. Click here to read the full ADVMoto write-up, and read below for more info about this new line from AltRider. AltRider is known for making premium accessories for adventure motorcycles, ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Marty Garcia

Aug 19, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our Featured Rider for AltRider#FanFriday is Martin "Marty" Garcia. --- Martin Garcia is a Chief Engineer at a Fortune 500 company and a passionate adventure motorcyclist. He and some friends started the nonprofit organization called "Task Force Dagger" which provides assistance to wounded, ill, or injured US Special Operations Command members and their ... MORE


#FanFriday -- Eric Hall

Aug 12, 2016 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Our featured rider for AltRider #FanFriday is Eric Hall, founder of, an online community dedicated solely to big adventure bikes. This photo was taken in our #TasteofDakar event. Here's Eric's #AltRider story: "I think I first learned about AltRider at the Long Beach IMS show at their booth. I got my first ... MORE


Introducing AltRider Accessories for the New Honda Africa Twin

Aug 11, 2016 // AltRider Videos //

 We're excited to announce our Honda Africa Twin Acessory Line! Are you excited about the new Africa Twin? You should be, as it's a killer bike right off the production line. The new Africa Twin is the only adventure bike on the market that utilizes a dirt bike inspired dual rail ... MORE


Building the S 1000 XR Concept Bike

Jan 29, 2016 // The AltRider Story //

Earlier this year we were presented a unique opportunity to conduct a design study of the ADV focused version of the new BMW S 1000 XR, and immediately our design team was in full force on the project.  We started thinking about names like ADV S, the ‘S’ standing in ... MORE


A New Challenge: The Baja Rally

Oct 27, 2015 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Jeremy LeBreton // AltRider President This year, with the encouragement of Scotty Bloom, I decided to enter the 3rd annual Baja Rally down in Mexico for my first ever rally. Scotty is a good friend and is the founder of the event. The 4 day ride covers almost 900 miles up ... MORE


The One Show

Feb 18, 2015 // Trips on Two Wheels //

As I left the office Friday morning, the sun was just burning through the thick Seattle fog. Portland is about 2 and 1/2 hours south, and I was looking forward to the ride. A Street Triple may not be everyone's first choice for a long-distance bike, but I've never had ... MORE


The Benefits of Lane Splitting

Feb 11, 2015 // Trips on Two Wheels //

A bill introduced in Washington last week would make this the second state in the U.S. to allow lane splitting. What do you think about this practice? Share your thoughts in the comments below. A maneuver that is common practice in California and the majority of the world is most often ... MORE


The Big Bad Wolf // ADVMoto

Oct 31, 2014 // AltRider in the Media //

ADVMoto magazine is known for putting bikes and products to the real test. They chose AltRider Crash Bars, Skid Plate,and Radiator Guards to protect their 2014 BMW R 1200 GS. Click here to check out the full review. MORE


Leaving It All Behind -- What to Take With You

Oct 15, 2014 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Guest post by adventure blogger Pat Harris -- Ever thought about giving it all up to go travel the world? Pat Harris did just that. In July 2013, Pat left his demanding career in engineering, loaded up his 2013 F800GS, and left Colorado. From there, he travelled throughout the US, ... MORE


Leaving It All Behind -- Riding Around the World

May 30, 2014 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Guest blogger Pat Harris is currently riding his BMW F 800 GS clad in AltRider parts on an incredible journey around the world. See his adventures at At the time of this posting, he’s been on the road 312 days and clocked over 26,000 miles.   We've all had those days ... MORE


In The Shop -- KTM 1190 Adventure

Apr 25, 2014 // The AltRider Garage //

Cycle World magazine recently hailed the KTM 1190 Adventure as the “best all-around bike in the world”. While this is certainly a bold statement, there’s no doubt the new orange beast is an incredible machine on the road and off. When the AltRider design team began developing accessories for the ... MORE


5 Steps to Using the AltRider Hemisphere Tank Bag

Apr 22, 2014 // The AltRider Garage //

The new tank bag in the AltRider Hemisphere soft luggage line is smartly designed to make your tank bag configurable to you with a waterproof seal to protect your expensive items. Each essential item such as your cell phone, map, camera, and ear plugs are compartmentalized for easy access. The AltRider ... MORE


The Ultimate Rally Race - An Intro to the Dakar Rally

Jan 08, 2014 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Perseverance, survival, champion riding ability… the best of the best take on the challenge for the toughest race on earth – The Dakar Rally. Every year, hundreds of teams enter a motorcycle, car, or truck in an attempt to push the limits of their vehicles and themselves.  With the 2014 ... MORE


AltRider Crash Test - Part Two

Dec 23, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

This is becoming a bad habit – AltRider’s protection accessories for the R1200GSW have once again been put to the ultimate test. While filming a recent video for our full line of parts, there were a few “outtakes” showing just how robust AltRider products really are. There’s no doubt that the ... MORE


Game Changing Designs

Dec 16, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

We took to the stunning Cascade Mountains to test out our protection parts for the new R 1200 GSW. Clad in AltRider Upper and Lower Crash Bars, Skid Plate, Luggage System and other accessories the new GS had no problem with whatever we could throw at it. Hill climbs, trail riding, and a few ... MORE


AltRider's Crash Test

Oct 03, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

While putting a bike down at high speed is never a good thing, sometimes it can have a silver lining.  AltRider’s own BMW R 1200 GSW was recently high-sided on a hard-pack gravel logging road at approximately 65 mph. The bike hit the ground going around 50 mph. Luckily the ... MORE


Water-Cooled Workhorse

Aug 28, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Versatility is a defining feature of the R 1200 GSW – it can handle anything you throw at it. AltRider’s Luggage Rack System makes BMW’s flagship ADV bike even more adaptable. The system is designed to integrate with RotopaX fuel packs, RAM mounts, and Givi Top Cases (with a Givi ... MORE


Secure Your Gear With HelmetLok™

Jul 30, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Guest post by our marketing intern Mitch Pederson. When he's not busy working at the AltRider office, Mitch spends his time riding, fixing and even building motorcycles.  While we dream of always riding off-road on awesome trails, most of us can admit that we use our bikes mostly for in-town travel. ... MORE


Secret Stash Box for the Triumph Explorer

Jun 13, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Innovation is standard when it comes to AltRider’s parts, whether it comes from engineering methods, design or features. Our latest innovation is the first in the ADV hard parts market – a secret stash box in the Triumph Tiger 1200 Crash Bars. While they appear to be simple crash bars, these ... MORE


DIY Solution for Scratched Bars

Apr 11, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Just a year of road grime, based on your location, can be extremely corrosive – as you may have noticed with your market alloy wheels which need yearly attention. Even though your bars are for protection, it doesn’t mean you have to muddy up the classic look of your bike ... MORE


Experiencing Zambia with a Cause

Apr 10, 2013 // Lady Riders //

At our Hoh Rainforest Ride last year in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, we met a few participants involved with the nonprofit organization Riders for Health. Recently, we were excited to find out that one of the riders, Jill Oliver, went on an amazing adventure in Zambia through Riders for ... MORE


Ergonomics: Your Lower Half

Dec 26, 2012 // Tips for Adventure Riding //

The bikes in the AltRider offices are primarily outfitted for the off-roads – after all, we are in the business of crash protection. As we learned from our last blog post on Ergonomics , it’s crucial to find that sweet spot with your bike where you can ride for hours ... MORE


Ergonomics - Bike Setup For Human Engineering, Not The Other Way Around

Aug 23, 2012 // Tips for Adventure Riding //

For me, it’s hard to think of many things that bring the same kind of joy as tearing through the woods on a dirt path as fast as I can go on two wheels.  After some years of riding, I not only have some good stories, ... MORE


Conserve the Ride 2012

Aug 08, 2012 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Special guest post by Andrew Phillips of New Hampshire AltRider put on a riding event for the benefit of the Seven Mountains Conservation Corp (SMCC). It was called Conserve the Ride and held over the weekend of June 22-24 near the Woodward Caves in Central Pennsylvania. The whole weekend ... MORE


How I got a Taste of Dakar...

Apr 23, 2012 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Special Guest Post by Jim Coffman of Joplin, Montana. == So here’s the deal. You know that sexy looking luggage rack I got for the Triumph Tiger? Well, the company that made that work of art was putting on a ride in Death Valley. I called in about the luggage rack ... MORE


Ciao from Milan, Italy

Dec 28, 2011 // The AltRider Story //

Every year in Milan, Italy nearly half a million people gather over the course of six days for one reason: the passion for motorcycles.  EICMA is the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to everything motorcycles. AltRider after only 18 months in business made the trip across the US, then ... MORE


Riding Europe: Two Americans in the Alps

Oct 06, 2011 // Lady Riders //

Special guest post by Lori Taylor.An AltRider supporter from the very beginning, Lori is “a friend of the family.” She’s active in the local riding community, which is how she met Jeremy and Brianna several years ago. Lori is an excellent rider, can make Jeremy feel slow, and is great ... MORE


New Way to Pack

Sep 15, 2011 // The AltRider Garage //

One of the most common questions we’ve heard the last year and a half is, “Where’s your luggage rack for the BMW R 1200 GS?” Our answer has always been, “We’re working on it.”Not anymore. Now we can say, “It's online – so check it out!”You may be wondering why ... MORE


Meeting Travis Pastrana

Sep 02, 2011 // The AltRider Story //

Jeremy LeBreton // AltRider President If you’ve ever met up with the AltRider team at a rally or a ride weekend, you probably know we’re big fans of Nitro Circus. There’s nothing better at the end of the day than to kick back with a cold beverage and watch some hooligan ... MORE


An Aussie Rides the Rainforest

Aug 25, 2011 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Back in June, we rode out to the Hoh Rainforest with 80 other riders for a weekend of camping in the mountains, eating the traditional foods of the Skokomish Tribe, and riding some of the most stunning terrain in the world. The opportunity to meet and hang out with the ... MORE


From Dream to Reality

Jun 22, 2011 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Special guest post by Stuart Updegrave. Many of us who ride motorcycles dream of taking some big trip. For most, these dreams get sliced up into weekend rides, maybe a couple weeks here and there, but we have a hard time making the break needed for something bigger. About a month ... MORE


Nirvana, David McKay, and the Olympic Peninsula

May 19, 2011 // Trips on Two Wheels //

When the AltRider team began planning our Ride the Hoh Rainforest weekend, we knew there were a ton of great routes on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. One of the reasons we knew it? David McKay’s GripTwister routes.Since 2003, David has been exploring the Olympic Peninsula, searching for the best logging roads, ... MORE


Tenere Tragics: Testing AltRider parts in the Australian Outback

Mar 23, 2011 // Trips on Two Wheels //

It seems like the last few months have had a theme here at the AltRider office: Yamaha blue. As we developed and prototyped our hard parts for the Super Tenere XT1200Z, it seemed like we were eating and breathing and thinking of nothing but that bike. When we sent it back ... MORE


AltRider and Ohlins USA Work Together for the BMW F 800 GS

Dec 07, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

We’ve worked with Stacey Berger, the off road manager at Ohlins USA, for quite some time, making sure people get the right suspension setup. It’s not about just buying the right product, it’s making sure it is set up for you and your riding style -- both the valving and ... MORE


First Impressions of Riding the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z

Nov 06, 2010 // Trips on Two Wheels //

A lot of you have been asking us about the new Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z, and for good reason. This new adventure bike is being pitted against BMW’s defining standard, the R 1200 GS, with its on and off road abilities. But what is it actually like to ride? This isn’t an ... MORE

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The New Kid in Town: Welcoming the Super Tenere to the USA

Oct 20, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

The Super Tenere is finally here. We have worked very hard to get our hands on Yamaha’s adventure touring motorcycle, because we knew from Yamaha’s heritage of off road racing and how well the 660 Tenere did we wanted to design parts for this bike. The 2012 Super Tenere will officially ... MORE

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Reinventing the Frame Slider

Oct 19, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

When we started making skid plates and crash bars for the Suzuki V-Stroms, there was a lot of positive feedback about our stronger bars, our beefy materials, and the seamless connection between the two pieces. What we didn’t expect was the next question: “Where are the frame sliders?” As a new company, ... MORE


Taking Time Off to Make a Difference

Sep 10, 2010 // Trips on Two Wheels //

One of the great things about the riding community is how everyone helps one another. You can see it from the popularity of online forums like, to fundraisers like the Conga III: everyone is prepared to lend a hand whenever possible. A great example of this is Peter Lunstrum. A ... MORE


Hooked: How We Developed Our Luggage Racks

Aug 24, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

When you find yourself daydreaming about your epic ride, what do you see? Perhaps you’re navigating the tricky Dempster Highway on your way to Alaska. Maybe you’re attempting a round the world trip like good ol’ Ewan and Charlie (or Tormod and Klaus, if you’re into traveling The Dumb Way Round). ... MORE


Conquering the Obstacles

Aug 06, 2010 // Lady Riders //

When Karen Allen puts her mind to something, she doesn’t turn back. That trait has proven useful in her life, from parenting, to learning how to ride a motorcycle, and to conquering a cancer diagnosis. The Wenatchee, Washington mother was working and raising a family when she received news in June ... MORE


Conga Lines and Motorcycles

Jun 17, 2010 // Lady Riders //

What do conga lines  and motorcycles have in common? Flo Fuhr. This Canadian rider started a mini-movement a few years ago, back when she was first learning to ride. Now, the Conga Line is an annual event and this year is raising money for breast cancer research. It all started when Flo’s husband ... MORE

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Connecting with Canada

Jun 15, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

Joe and Flora Lloyd are adventurers in the truest sense. Packing their lives up on a motorcycle, the two hit the road first in New Zealand and more recently in Australia, exploring the Land Down Under two up on a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. From these experiences, they produced ... MORE


Developing Ducati

Jun 10, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Designing parts for the Multistrada 1200 had always been a part of the plan. With its innovative features and Ducati styling, Jacob and Don were excited to get their hands on the bike and start creating. What we didn’t expect, however, is to hear from David Alexanian. If you’re like many adventure ... MORE


Anything But Average: Amazing Rider Darcy Kemp

May 29, 2010 // Lady Riders //

If you were to meet Darcy Kemp in person, you’d probably see her as a cheerful Washington woman and a proud mother. With her quick grin and generous spirit, you’d quickly dub her a friend. What you might not realize, however, is that Darcy is also a dirt bike racer ... MORE


The Adventurers Return

May 10, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

After a weekend full of meeting great people and lots of hard riding, the AltRider team is back from the 2010 Adventure Rider Challenge. They returned with scrapes, bruises, and fantastic stories. The first day, three-person teams were formed (the AltRider guys named themselves “The Long Johns”). Each team had to ... MORE


The Challenge is Here

Apr 29, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

Where did April go? It seems like we were just announcing our sponsorship of this year’s Adventure Rider Challenge, and now it’s here! Today is the first day, and we’re excited for so many reasons. One reason is our new t-shirt, debuting at the Challenge as a gift for all contestants! Front Back Jeremy, ... MORE


The Long Road to the Side Stand Foot

Apr 21, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Way back before we launched, we were trying to decide which parts we should develop first. Side stand feet seemed like an obvious choice, because everyone needs one – they’re almost a necessity. Now that we’ve got three finished and more on the way, I surprise people when I tell them ... MORE


Out at Desert 100

Apr 12, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

What an exciting weekend! Jeremy, Brianna, Don and Paul headed out to Odessa, Washington for the 40th annual Desert 100. Windy, cold, dust everywhere… But it was nice that the sun was out both days, which made for a great time in the desert. We enjoyed meeting new people and ... MORE


Oh, how plans change...

Apr 09, 2010 // Lady Riders //

Local rider and AltRider friend Rene Sims recently took a two week long trip from Washington State down to Florida for Daytona Bike Week. She came by our office a few days ago to share her story with all of us.== The trip was planned with a few things in mind: ... MORE


Hitting the road (and off road) at ARC-X

Apr 02, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

It’s a weekday, you’re in your office, and you take a minute to daydream about the vacation time you have coming up. What does it look like? Sunshine, a beach, cold beverages delivered to your lounge chair? Or maybe it looks like the AltRider version: dirt, canyons, and seemingly impossible challenges in ... MORE


Designing Differently: AltRider Goes Plastic

Mar 25, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Up till now, AltRider products have all come in glistening metallic splendor. But the new AltRider Glare Guard for the BMW R 1200 GS changes everything  -- it’s our first plastic part. Even though it’s made of a different material, it still shares the rugged durability that characterizes all AltRider ... MORE


We didn't forget about the V-Strom 650

Mar 18, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Even before our official launch, the AltRider office fielded calls and emails asking us the same thing: “When will you have crash bars for the Suzuki V-Strom 650?” So you can imagine our excitement when the prototype finally came in last week! Our friend Adam Keeling came by after work last Wednesday ... MORE


Dakar Highlights and My First Week @ Altrider

Mar 04, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

I’d like to think that I have had quite a few adventures in the short time I’ve enjoyed here on this wonderful planet.  It was only recently, however, that my eclectic mix of skills perfectly aligned to land me the opportunity of a lifetime: to work for a passionate and ... MORE


Engineering an Interview

Mar 02, 2010 // The AltRider Story //

Jeremy A few weeks back, I was approached by a great guy named David Alderich.  I met Dave several years ago at an industry tradeshow, so it was nice to hear from him again. He produces Peckhammer TV, a web series that focuses on parts of the moto world that don’t ... MORE


Motorcycle Maintenance: What Not to Do

Feb 16, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Matt Gormley is the copywriting intern here at AltRider, and in his spare time rides his '82 Ironhead Sportster, '74 Kawasaki S3 400 triple, and '76 Yamaha XS 360. Some recent motorcycle maintenance became a learning experience that he shares below. I had a killer list of tasks to tackle on ... MORE


Goons in the Dunes Weekend

Feb 10, 2010 // Trips on Two Wheels //

JeremyWell, Jim Thompson is back at it again…Goons in the Dunes.  I (Jeremy) certainly am lucky to get introduced to great people who share a passion for riding.  This summer, Jim put on an epic 10 day ride in the Cascades called “Ride While You Can: the Dual Sport Adventure.”  ... MORE


Beaches, Bikes, and Babies

Jan 12, 2010 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Starting a business really doesn’t allow you to take months off to go on vacation. So, with several days off for Christmas and New Year’s we took advantage and headed down to sunny Puerto Vallarta to spend the holidays with family from across the country. No vacation that we at ... MORE


Happy Holidays from the AltRider crew!

Dec 23, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

Santa is loading up his panniers to head out on his epic annual glide around the world. While Mother Nature is trying to rough him up with some cold weather to the East, she has been kind of late with clear conditions in the West.Every year we visit the Santa ... MORE


IMS Motorcycle Show

Dec 18, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

Thanks for checking out the AltRider bikes.  The Seattle IMS motorcycle show last weekend was awesome. The AltRider bikes held court in the cycle pavilion on the mezzanine thanks to our friends from Sound Rider. Each of the three bikes on display featured soon to be released parts form from ... MORE


Good talent breeds a better website

Nov 25, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

Videos seem to do motorcycle riding much more justice than still images especially when footage is taken with a helmet cam. And no doubt, when shopping for motorcycle parts, most of us would appreciate a good product install video over any set of instructions. As we are preparing to launch ... MORE


Finding New Friends in South Africa

Nov 20, 2009 // Trips on Two Wheels //

JeremyBombing down the South African coastline on an R1200 GS. Tearing up pitted gravel roads in the countryside with a local detective as my guide. Touring fantastic vineyards while drinking in some amazing views and rubbing elbows with diplomats. All highlights from my recent, week-long trip to South Africa.By the ... MORE


"Ride While You Can" Dualsport Adventure 2009

Oct 13, 2009 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Jeremy I knew it was high time to escape from the city and get my riding on when the seasons started changing and I had hardly ridden or enjoyed Seattle’s summer this last year. Really, I used to be proud of my riding and face. Lately, I started to feel like ... MORE


Thank you for sharing "One Crazy Ride" with us

Oct 07, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

What an amazing evening! Over 130 Seattle motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure lovers filled the Fremont Abbey Arts Center, and joined AltRider along with the Indian filmmaker Gaurav Jani and his travel companion and “crazy” rider Sobby, for the screening of Gaurav’s second movie, “One Crazy Ride.”It’s always fascinating to hear ... MORE


First V-Strom Crash Bars prototype completed

Sep 24, 2009 // The AltRider Garage //

Today we completed our first product prototype - crash bars for the Suzuki V-Strom. The crash bars are designed and fabricated to transfer the sheer load to the frame instead of the hardware. They are constructed from 304 stainless steel 7/8” tube and are hand TIG welded. ... MORE


Thanks for a great party!

Sep 10, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the AltRider Sneak Preview party at Smarty Pants on September 9th. We’re glad you were there to meet the AltRider team and celebrate the start of AltRider with us.We had a great turn out, completely filling up the outside patio, ... MORE


Suiting up for the first Alt Ride

Aug 28, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

This weekend will be the first AltRider group ride. Being selfish and thinking just of me, I am not so sure how it will go down. I am no doubt, a newbie in every sense. I do officially have my motorcycle endorsement, but that doesn’t mean I have been as ... MORE


Venture On

Aug 19, 2009 // The AltRider Story //

Jeremy Over the years in my career I had tremendous opportunities to learn about the adventure touring market and watch it grow dramatically, as small, household companies were coming into the market and successfully finding their niche among a handful of large competitors. This led me to envision a business opportunity ... MORE


Maiden Voyage on the TW 200

Jun 30, 2009 // Trips on Two Wheels //

On Sunday morning the time finally came for me to show of my newly learned skills (from 6 days before). Yes, despite the voice in my head asking me what the hell I was doing, I ventured on the streets of Seattle on my little new motorcycle... the TW 200. ... MORE