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Why should I consider Reinforcement bars for my BMW R 1250 or 1200?

Dec 04, 2023 // The AltRider Garage //

 The OEM crash bars, have a well-known weak spot. In fact, rather than fix the problem, BMW adds a rubber bumper to the weak spot. We’ve seen this countless times in parking lots, driveways and gas stations. A cracked cylinder heads on the boxer engine from a modest fall. The OEM ... MORE


Options to fit the AltRider Highway Pegs with the AltRider Africa Twin Crash Bars

May 10, 2022 // The AltRider Garage //

Placing the pegs behind the reinforcement bars (closer to the rider) will be too close for most people. So that leaves placing the pegs in front of the reinforcement bars (further from the rider), right before the bend. The challenge is the bars are slightly oblong right before the bend. In ... MORE


Africa Twin Crash Bar Bracket Modification

Oct 12, 2021 // The AltRider Garage //

There are many similarities between Africa Twin 1100 Standard & Adventure Sports models and a few differences. One noticeable difference that has impacted the design of AltRider parts is the differences is the additional cornering lights in the Adventure Sports As a result of the different headlights, the AltRider Headlight Guards ... MORE

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DualControl Brake System from AltRider

Mar 07, 2019 // The AltRider Garage //

Improve safety & performance with faster braking response times.    The patent pending AltRider DualControl Brake System can reduce the time it takes for your to apply your brakes. Easy to install and easy on your wallet.  As you transition from sitting to standing positions your foot will naturally rise and fall as angle ... MORE


Why get reinforcement bars for your BMW R1200/R1250 GSW when you already have the OEM crash bars?

Jan 28, 2019 // The AltRider Garage //

The Problem As we've seen many more times than we'd have liked to, the BMW OEM lowers just aren't enough to keep your cylinder heads safe. The shape/design of the bars, with no support at the rear, leave them vulnerable to bending. BMW must know that their bars are prone to this ... MORE


Did You Know? An Analysis of the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Protection

Aug 03, 2018 // The AltRider Garage //

The exciting new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports model comes with bars and a skid plate, does it offer the protection I need for adventure? Honda states the bars are not “crash bars,” but instead are a “light bar.” Reviewing the hardware connecting the light bar to the bike you can ... MORE


Hard Work Finding Solutions for the S 1000XR Crash Bars

Feb 02, 2018 // The AltRider Garage //

DISCLAIMER:There have been a few documented reports of cosmetic alignment issues with this bar design. As reported, the potential interference is located at the upper front sections of the crash bar, near the bike’s left side headlights and right side fairings (see photographs for actual customer example). In a crash ... MORE


Low Profile Magnetic Drain Plug

Oct 03, 2017 // The AltRider Garage //

We worked with Dimple drain plug magnets to develop a low-profile replacement drain plug for the Yamaha Super Tenere and the Honda Africa Twin. On the Super Tenere in particular, the sump drain plug is very exposed and susceptible to damage. The OEM plug has a 15mm head height and hangs ... MORE


Care and Feeding of your AltRider Clear Polycarbonate Headlight Guard

Sep 23, 2016 // The AltRider Garage //

The AltRider headlight guards provide strong protection against stones, bugs, and all kinds of road debris. But over time things get dirty and you want to be able to use all of the light your headlamps are putting out.  Time to clean that headlamp guard! We chose polycarbonate material because of ... MORE


Game Changing SYNCH Dry Bags 2.0

Sep 14, 2016 // The AltRider Garage //

Our newly refreshed SYNCH Dry Bags have just arrived! This popular product line includes three sizes to let you smartly pack your ADV bike: 14L (perfect pannier topper), 25L (perfect weekend trip) and 38L (full duffel). Available in black and white color schemes, these new and improved SYNCH Dry Bags ... MORE


In The Shop -- KTM 1190 Adventure

Apr 25, 2014 // The AltRider Garage //

Cycle World magazine recently hailed the KTM 1190 Adventure as the “best all-around bike in the world”. While this is certainly a bold statement, there’s no doubt the new orange beast is an incredible machine on the road and off. When the AltRider design team began developing accessories for the ... MORE


5 Steps to Using the AltRider Hemisphere Tank Bag

Apr 22, 2014 // The AltRider Garage //

The new tank bag in the AltRider Hemisphere soft luggage line is smartly designed to make your tank bag configurable to you with a waterproof seal to protect your expensive items. Each essential item such as your cell phone, map, camera, and ear plugs are compartmentalized for easy access. The AltRider ... MORE


AltRider Crash Test - Part Two

Dec 23, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

This is becoming a bad habit – AltRider’s protection accessories for the R1200GSW have once again been put to the ultimate test. While filming a recent video for our full line of parts, there were a few “outtakes” showing just how robust AltRider products really are. There’s no doubt that the ... MORE


Game Changing Designs

Dec 16, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

We took to the stunning Cascade Mountains to test out our protection parts for the new R 1200 GSW. Clad in AltRider Upper and Lower Crash Bars, Skid Plate, Luggage System and other accessories the new GS had no problem with whatever we could throw at it. Hill climbs, trail riding, and a few ... MORE


AltRider's Crash Test

Oct 03, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

While putting a bike down at high speed is never a good thing, sometimes it can have a silver lining.  AltRider’s own BMW R 1200 GSW was recently high-sided on a hard-pack gravel logging road at approximately 65 mph. The bike hit the ground going around 50 mph. Luckily the ... MORE


Water-Cooled Workhorse

Aug 28, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Versatility is a defining feature of the R 1200 GSW – it can handle anything you throw at it. AltRider’s Luggage Rack System makes BMW’s flagship ADV bike even more adaptable. The system is designed to integrate with RotopaX fuel packs, RAM mounts, and Givi Top Cases (with a Givi ... MORE


Secure Your Gear With HelmetLokā„¢

Jul 30, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Guest post by our marketing intern Mitch Pederson. When he's not busy working at the AltRider office, Mitch spends his time riding, fixing and even building motorcycles.  While we dream of always riding off-road on awesome trails, most of us can admit that we use our bikes mostly for in-town travel. ... MORE


Secret Stash Box for the Triumph Explorer

Jun 13, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Innovation is standard when it comes to AltRider’s parts, whether it comes from engineering methods, design or features. Our latest innovation is the first in the ADV hard parts market – a secret stash box in the Triumph Tiger 1200 Crash Bars. While they appear to be simple crash bars, these ... MORE


DIY Solution for Scratched Bars

Apr 11, 2013 // The AltRider Garage //

Just a year of road grime, based on your location, can be extremely corrosive – as you may have noticed with your market alloy wheels which need yearly attention. Even though your bars are for protection, it doesn’t mean you have to muddy up the classic look of your bike ... MORE


New Way to Pack

Sep 15, 2011 // The AltRider Garage //

One of the most common questions we’ve heard the last year and a half is, “Where’s your luggage rack for the BMW R 1200 GS?” Our answer has always been, “We’re working on it.”Not anymore. Now we can say, “It's online – so check it out!”You may be wondering why ... MORE


AltRider and Ohlins USA Work Together for the BMW F 800 GS

Dec 07, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

We’ve worked with Stacey Berger, the off road manager at Ohlins USA, for quite some time, making sure people get the right suspension setup. It’s not about just buying the right product, it’s making sure it is set up for you and your riding style -- both the valving and ... MORE


The New Kid in Town: Welcoming the Super Tenere to the USA

Oct 20, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

The Super Tenere is finally here. We have worked very hard to get our hands on Yamaha’s adventure touring motorcycle, because we knew from Yamaha’s heritage of off road racing and how well the 660 Tenere did we wanted to design parts for this bike. The 2012 Super Tenere will officially ... MORE

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Reinventing the Frame Slider

Oct 19, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

When we started making skid plates and crash bars for the Suzuki V-Stroms, there was a lot of positive feedback about our stronger bars, our beefy materials, and the seamless connection between the two pieces. What we didn’t expect was the next question: “Where are the frame sliders?” As a new company, ... MORE


Hooked: How We Developed Our Luggage Racks

Aug 24, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

When you find yourself daydreaming about your epic ride, what do you see? Perhaps you’re navigating the tricky Dempster Highway on your way to Alaska. Maybe you’re attempting a round the world trip like good ol’ Ewan and Charlie (or Tormod and Klaus, if you’re into traveling The Dumb Way Round). ... MORE


Developing Ducati

Jun 10, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Designing parts for the Multistrada 1200 had always been a part of the plan. With its innovative features and Ducati styling, Jacob and Don were excited to get their hands on the bike and start creating. What we didn’t expect, however, is to hear from David Alexanian. If you’re like many adventure ... MORE


The Long Road to the Side Stand Foot

Apr 21, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Way back before we launched, we were trying to decide which parts we should develop first. Side stand feet seemed like an obvious choice, because everyone needs one – they’re almost a necessity. Now that we’ve got three finished and more on the way, I surprise people when I tell them ... MORE


Designing Differently: AltRider Goes Plastic

Mar 25, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Up till now, AltRider products have all come in glistening metallic splendor. But the new AltRider Glare Guard for the BMW R 1200 GS changes everything  -- it’s our first plastic part. Even though it’s made of a different material, it still shares the rugged durability that characterizes all AltRider ... MORE


We didn't forget about the V-Strom 650

Mar 18, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Even before our official launch, the AltRider office fielded calls and emails asking us the same thing: “When will you have crash bars for the Suzuki V-Strom 650?” So you can imagine our excitement when the prototype finally came in last week! Our friend Adam Keeling came by after work last Wednesday ... MORE


Motorcycle Maintenance: What Not to Do

Feb 16, 2010 // The AltRider Garage //

Matt Gormley is the copywriting intern here at AltRider, and in his spare time rides his '82 Ironhead Sportster, '74 Kawasaki S3 400 triple, and '76 Yamaha XS 360. Some recent motorcycle maintenance became a learning experience that he shares below. I had a killer list of tasks to tackle on ... MORE


First V-Strom Crash Bars prototype completed

Sep 24, 2009 // The AltRider Garage //

Today we completed our first product prototype - crash bars for the Suzuki V-Strom. The crash bars are designed and fabricated to transfer the sheer load to the frame instead of the hardware. They are constructed from 304 stainless steel 7/8” tube and are hand TIG welded. ... MORE

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