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Chargalert LED Battery Monitor Portable Adaptor

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PART #: PLAN-1-3101


Chargalert LED Battery Monitor Portable Adaptor

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The Chargalert LED Battery Monitor is a simple but important addition to your bike.  This fixed installation charging system monitor watches your voltage and alerts you with an easy to understand red LED.  The LED is extremely bright even on a sunny day, and stays off when your system is running fine. It only turns on when it requires attention.  The simple installation requires just two connections and drilling a 1/4 inch hole .  The LED slides through the hole from underneath and locks into place with the provided black bezel for a clean OEM look.  Save yourself the agony of being stuck out in middle of nowhere with this sophisticated and effective diagnostic tool. 

There are several reasons why the Chargalert is better than a voltmeter.

The Chargalert, being microprocessor controlled, uses analog to digital conversion to achieve an accuracy of +/- .040 volts. Many voltmeters have excessive errors in accuracy, some as much as 1 1/2 volts.  That is 37 times more inaccurate than the Chargalert.

Digital display voltmeters generally only display to tenths of a volt.  That is not acceptable for proper battery monitoring.  The bar graph type displays even less usable information.

Some LED (green/yellow/red type) voltmeters are even more inaccurate.  Most of the LED/digital display type of
voltmeters use diodes as the voltage reference.  At best, the diodes have a 10% tolerance.  At 12 volts, that can be a 1.2 volt error.

Analog voltmeters (meter face and needle) have similar problems.  It is very difficult to observe precise voltages while riding even if the meter is capable of displaying them.  Most aren't, certainly not past tenths of a volt.

Any of the LED or meter type voltmeters require consistent monitoring and mental evaluation.  For example, assume the meter shows 12.2 volts.  If the rider is not familiar with battery charging specifications (where hundredths of a volt are important), the indications of the meter are irrelevant and useless.  In addition, constant monitoring of a voltmeter or LED display is a distraction from riding.

The Chargalert solves these problems.  If the charging system is operating properly, the Chargalerts LED is off.  There is no distraction for the rider.  He can concentrate on and enjoy the ride.  If a problem arises, the Chargalert will alert him and action can be then taken.

The rider doesn't have to do a series of mental calculations to determine if there is a charging problem.  All he has to know is that if the LED is not on, there is no problem.

The Chargalert only draws 8 milliamps when the LED is not on.  With the LED lit, it draws 19 milliamps. 

  • Microprocessor controlled charging system
  • Monitors charging system with engine running
  • Monitors battery status with engine off
  • Accuracy +/- 0.040 volt
  • Multi-state outputs with single super bright red LED
  • The Chargalert only draws 8 milliamps when the LED is not on
  • With the LED lit, it draws 19 milliamps
Chargalert LED Battery Monitor Portable Adaptor - Feature


Accuracy +/- 0.040 volt
12V US Specification Cigarette Lighter

The Chargalert only draws 8 milliamps when the LED is not on.  With the LED lit, it draws 19 milliamps. 


Chargalert LED Battery Monitor Portable Adaptor

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