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AltRider: Venture On
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AltRider is a Seattle-based company providing accessories and gear for Adventure Touring motorcycles. We sell AltRider engineered products for the Adventure bikes from BMW’s GS line, Suzuki, Kawasaki, the KTM Adventure series, the Ducati Multistrada 1200, the Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z, the Triumph Tiger 800XC, and the Honda V4 Crosstourer Concept. We also offer proven products from other manufacturers.

Like you, the members of the AltRider team ride and expect performance and value from their products. Great care goes into every step of the AltRider creation process, from initial concept to presenting you with a finished piece. You can count on us to give you adventure touring products that provide your bike with superior fit and protection.

At AltRider, we recognize riding isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why in addition to crafting quality products, we built a place where motorcyclists can join a community. Through the Rider Locator, special events, and AltRider blogs, you can connect with others who share your interests.

Thank you for joining us and becoming a part of AltRider. We look forward to being a part of your next adventure.


AltRider is committed to bringing you the best adventure touring products available today. If we wouldn’t bolt it on our bikes, we won’t sell it. Here’s what you can expect from every AltRider product:


AltRider products not only protect your bike, but also do so much more. Each piece is designed to maximize ease of installation and product integration.

What does that mean? It means that AltRider products can be installed easily, and come with all the necessary hardware  – and even Loctite – you’ll need for installation.   Also, each product comes with thorough instructions, which make installation an easier process.

Each AltRider product takes advantage of the strongest points of the frame while shielding the weakest, and every AltRider product works seamlessly with any other you use.


Because our design team is made up of fellow motorcyclists, they know what a bike and rider need. The team develops the AltRider products through meticulous research and rigorous testing of prototypes.  They look at the forums to determine what riders are asking for, look at other products, and then decide the most important features necessary.  Each AltRider product is made to exacting standards with a clean, high-end finish that will complement your machine.   

Made in America

From the earliest stages of design to packing up the finished piece for shipping, AltRider products are made entirely in the United States. We are proud to stay local with our manufacturing. We believe a high level of quality is possible thanks to strong relationships with all our suppliers.

AltRider products offer function, performance and value. From our crash bars to our skid plates, we go the extra mile so your ride doesn’t get cut short.


AltRider motorcycle parts



Jeremy LeBreton

Jeremy LeBreton

Co-Founder & President

From his early childhood in Chicago, Jeremy had an unexplainable passion for motorcycles. Before he could even walk, he was trying to ride every internal combustion engine he could get his hands on, from go carts to mini bikes. That didn't sit well with his mom who commanded him to "take that back where it came from." At age 12 he was finally successful at bringing home a dead 1979 Honda Express which he got from a neighbor in exchange for five lawn mowings. He fixed it up and became "the cool kid" who gets around town on a scooter (not like the other kids on pedal bikes), even when it snowed. His passion for motorcycles became his life.

At the age of 18 he rode across America and ended up settling in Seattle. While on a study trip in Europe, through a combination of luck, perseverance, hustling and networking, he finagled his way into working for Christian Wunner (a German BMW enthusiast who had ridden his R100RT around the world) and a one-month ride on a borrowed MZ 650 from Slovenia to France. He totaled more than 7,800 km and discovered Helge Pederson's "Ten Years on Two Wheels" R80GS in the BMW Museum in Munich. That sealed his desire for an adventure touring lifestyle. Upon his return to Seattle, Jeremy went to work for a metal worker, Andy Ide, who also raced off-road and was instrumental in the progression of Jeremy's off-road skills – ultimately turning him into one of the "fast guys."

Over several years Jeremy received "the greatest real world education" working for a number of companies and learning about fabrication, prototyping, and manufacturing. He met his last employer on a dirt trail in the Cascades, which led him to work for a motorcycle accessory outfitter for several years. Jeremy's passion for and knowledge of the adventure touring market has strengthened over the years, leading him to envision the AltRider brand.



Husaberg 390 E

Husaberg 390 E
Brianna Home

Brianna Home

Co-Founder and Vice President

Brianna oversees the marketing and business development efforts of AltRider and assists with any and all of the company's needs.   

Brianna is a marketing guru in her own right, and has successfully directed international marketing efforts of mid-sized manufacturing company.  She enjoys the excitement and passion that come along with the motorcycle community. Creating events and marketing material for this community is much different than her past experience. Brianna has traveled the world admiring local traditions, enjoying tantalizing food and listening to stories of people she met along the way. And she looks forward to seeing the rest of the world – eventually.

In her free time, she trains and races triathlons. Although she loves cruising on two wheels, she is still more comfortable on a pedal bike than a motorcycle. She is planning on changing that during the next motorcycle season through group rides and taking on increasingly challenging terrain.


2002 Yamaha TW200

2002 Yamaha TW200
Jacob Ellul-Blake

Jacob Ellul-Blake

Lead Project Engineer

Jacob is the head of our engineering department. His role at Altrider is to research the market, model new parts in CAD, manage supplier relationships, and look after the products until they arrive safely in our inventory.  He is also responsible for product design and development, product documentation and testing, and inventory management.

He has a keen interest in the processes by which everyday objects are made. His curiosity and problem solving skills led him to design and build espresso machines, make his own furniture, win soap box races (with his Apocalyptic Rust Rockets team), and spend several years as a classically-trained musician at the Portland Opera, Seattle Opera and Honolulu Symphony.  In his free time, Jacob builds CNC machines, brews beer, pours lost foam castings in the back yard, enjoys great coffee, works on his motorcycle, thinks about what he will make next, and goes riding whenever and wherever possible.


2005 DRZ400e

2005 DRZ400e

Nancy Yun

Marketing Coordinator

With a good eye for design and a taste for adventure, Nancy makes everything marketing happen at AltRider. As the Marketing Coordinator, she plans memorable events, makes designs for the web and promotions, writes copy for the website, handles all social media outlets, and plans everything for trade shows. She enjoys blogging, photography, and meeting new people, which aligns nicely with the job requirements.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Nancy spent her professional career in the banking industry utilizing her Korean fluency. Yearning for a creative outlet, she spent much of her free time on her food blog updating about the latest trends in haute cuisine. On the weekends, Nancy will be seen skateboarding around Seattle, trying new restaurants, and singing karaoke to old pop songs.

Riding and owning a bike has been on Nancy’s bucket list for eons, and she can’t wait to start riding. Her competitive spirit will surely have her leaving the boys in the dust in no time.


Honda CRF230L (future ride to be... hopefully)
Nick Hatfield


Scott Albertson


You’ll find Scott amidst the shelves of inventory and boxes, managing the warehouse and handling all the shipping duties. From inspecting arriving parts for quality assurance to packing up all outgoing orders, he’s making sure every customer receives AltRider product in perfect condition.


Born and raised in West Virginia, Scott spent much of his time outdoors playing various sports and running astray in the forests. Wanting to give up the small town, Scott relocated to Seattle in 2000 working in operations and data management at an online comparison shopping engine. He enjoys afternoons at the Sounders games, racing on his Xbox 360 and watching every televised sport known to man.

 New to the industry and having never actually ridden a motorcycle, Scott is excited to hop on a bike and start learning.


Honda CBR 600 F41

Erik Seymour

Erik Seymour


Erik handles the sales efforts at AltRider, and is already hard at work ensuring that our dealers and customers are getting the parts they need.

In the past, Erik’s worked as an injection molder, a tire rotator, and a sales rep in the automotive industry. He loves spending his free time riding dirt bikes and golfing, but more of it these days is going toward working on a new house.

Erik’s first bike was a 1988 Hurricane 1000, which he purchased as a teenager after turbo charging his car and accidentally blowing it up. He’s much safer these days, and likes to drag a bike out to the Desert 100 and the like for some riding fun.


Erik's new bike

Honda XR250R

Meghan Dowdy

Meghan Dowdy

Administrative Assistant

With her excellent organizational skills and upbeat demeanor, Meghan expertly handles all the administrative duties at AltRider. She strives to keep the AltRider office orderly by answering the phone calls, managing accounts payable and ensuring great customer service.

A recent transplant from the Midwest, Meghan is thrilled to be working in an office environment after working from home the last five years as a news analyst. Having been born and raised in Kansas, she feels positively spoiled to have mountains and oceans within seeing distance in beautiful Seattle. Her likes include the perfect Kansas BBQ, crafting, camping on the beach and whipping up delicious recipes (always sharing with her hungry coworkers).

While the world of adventure touring motorcycles is completely new to her, she relishes the opportunity to experience the bump and shimmy of the back roads.


Meghan's Dream Bike

Suzuki V-Strom 650 (hopefully one day)