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AltRider Lower Crash Bars for the BMW F 850 / 750 GS

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The AltRider Crash Bars for the BMW F 850 GS are made from the same, industry leading stainless steel, hand tig welded, mandrel bent tubes. We use precision 3D laser cut copes for all of the joints on our crash bar products. The low crash bars are made from 1 inch (25.4 mm) stainless tube for stiffness, to protect your motor in the case of a tipover or low-side crash for example. They way we bolted the system to the bike was critical we saw how others used a slip fit and OEM bolts. Our major concern is your OEM bolt would not have complete thread engagement, which could be dangerous. Some important comparisons we want to make, is other systems on the market is how the lower bar is formed, you will find others either bolting to a small bolt on the upper frame or using thin wall and tight bends to reach the lower rear mount. The problem is the lower bar will take the largest hit during a crash, thin wall and tight bends any bend nearing 90 degrees will be were the bar fails quickly.

We have a modular system allowing you to customize your protection solution, and the lower bars are the foundation, designed to take the 1st major hit.

Protect your clutch cover, radiator, and front fairings with the system that doesn’t deflect or bend.

  • 1 inch (25.4 mm) Stainless Steel, hand tig welded, mandrel bent tube with 2.1 mm wall thickness
  • One integrated system yields a stronger design while providing protection for upper fairing and lower engine
  • Designed for real use; clearance from the fairing to prevent contact and provide protection
  • Strongest connector on the market, yields a clean hidden finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in silver and black

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AltRider Lower Crash Bars for the BMW F 850 / 750 GS


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