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VIDEO: Off Road and Sand Riding Impressions of Honda Africa Twin (Product Review)

Jan 05, 2017 // AltRider Videos //

A while back, one of our fans asked us how the Africa Twin performs in the sand. While we had already done extensive testing and riding on this motorcycle throughout the Pacific Northwest, we hadn't specifically tested the bike in sand. So we geared up and headed out to our favorite sand location.

In the video, Jeremy explains not only how the bike handles and performs in this tricky terrain, but also offers some suggestions for modifications to make to the bike. Not everyone will be taking their Africa Twin into the sand like this, but no matter what kind of riding you intend to do, it never hurts to expand your knowledge base and mentally prepare for anything.

This video is technical, but it's also got some great imagery showing us just how awesome this bike is. We hope you enjoy it.