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#Fan Friday - Robert Taylor

Mar 08, 2018 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Robert Taylor lives in our home town of Seattle Washington – we love our pacific northwest! Robert just bought a 2017 Tiger 800 XRt and hadn’t even had the bike for 2 months when a car cut him off, slammed into his bike and almost pushed him into a cement wall. Luckily Robert had AltRider crash bars to protect him and his tiger. He contacted us to tell us how impressed he was with his AltRider Crash Bars and we just had to share his story.

 Robert Taylor

Robert was riding on I5  when a car swerved into him and pushed his bike close to the cement wall. Insurance says only damage to his bike was the AltRider Crash Bars - Robert’s leg is fine and so is his bike! In fact more damage was done to the car than to the bike!

Robert Taylor

Robert turned 50 last year and decided he needed a motorcycle in his life and boy did he jump on the motorcycle bandwagon. In one month he logged 3,500 miles. When he was shopping for his Tiger Triumph of Seattle introduced Robert to AltRider and told him how much more the AltRider crash bars protect compared to the OEM engine protectors. It seemed clear to Robert in comparing between the two that AltRider was the way to go.  After seeing how AltRider crash bars protected him in his accident Robert’s been looking at picking up some more AltRider parts

Robery Taylor can be found on twitter using the handle @robotterror.

Robert Tyalor

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