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Fog Eliminator Fan Kit for Goggles

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PRICE: $69.95
PART #: WEST-1-6300


Fog Eliminator Fan Kit for Goggles

This completely automated fan module fits inside your goggles and converts them to a fog free goggle.  The fan is battery operated with a manual or automated operation setting that pulls fog-creating humidity from your goggles and pushes it out, eliminating fog.  The automated operation senses when humidity is rising inside the goggle, and only turns on when it’s necessary to remove the moisture, allowing you to conserve the battery. Once the humidity is back to an acceptable level, the fan turns off. 

Even high-end goggles fog up, and models with built-in fans sell for hundreds of dollars.  With the Fog Eliminator Fan Kit, you get the same fan ability in your goggles for much less. Plus, the kit is removable, so you can transfer between multiple pairs of goggles.  
This product really works -- we discovered it from the snowmobile world, where fog is a real issue.

Click the thumbnail to the right for the video on how to install the Fog Eliminator.

  • Completely automated fog removal fan for goggles
  • Easy install and uninstall for use between multiple pairs of goggles
  • 2 modes of operation: manual and automatic (as well as off)
  • Automatic operation senses humidity and turns fan on/off as needed
  • Runs on one AAA battery (included)
Fog Eliminator Fan Kit for Goggles - Feature
Fog Eliminator Fan Kit for Goggles - Installed


See Instructions tab for fitment guides on which bikes the Fog Eliminator fits


Fog Eliminator Fan Kit for Goggles

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