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An Aussie Rides the Rainforest

Aug 25, 2011 // Trips on Two Wheels //

Back in June, we rode out to the Hoh Rainforest with 80 other riders for a weekend of camping in the mountains, eating the traditional foods of the Skokomish Tribe, and riding some of the most stunning terrain in the world. The opportunity to meet and hang out with the guys and gals who came out for the adventure was great – we can’t wait to ride with all of them again.

Tom Foster, editor of TrailBike Adventure Magazine, flew in from Australia for the event. His article about our Hoh Rainforest Ride appears in Issue #41 of TBAM, but he gave us special permission to post it here. Read his take on a weekend adventure on the Olympic Peninsula… it’s “epic.”

Page 1 - TBAM Hoh Rainforest

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Page 3 - TBAM Hoh Rainforest

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